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Introduced as the younger sister of Hakufu (which she is not) in the Great Guardians season going under the name Sonken Chuubou (Sun Quan) , but then tells them that her name is in fact Shoukyou. She is Shuuyu Koukin's destined wife. Hakufu was previously unaware of her existence. She appears to be very knowledgeable, as she quotes legendary military strategist Sun Tzu, (a bit of an irony since the Sun family was said to have descended from Sun Tzu) a great contrast to Hakufu who has trouble reading. It is implied that she might have feelings for "Koukin Onii-sama." Unlike her sister, Hakufu, Shoukyou is very polite, shy, and is very skilled at cooking. It is also pointed out by many characters in the series that Shoukyou doesn't look like her sister at all. She confesses her feelings for Koukin, but he turns her down gently and tells her to not let destiny rule her life; she accepts that very gracefully, also deducing Koukin's love for Hakufu. She joins Hakufu's fight with the real Saji, whom she bravely speaks to and helps get over her problems and traumas. When one former contestant filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination, she returns to the game with a vengeance and is subsiquently placed in Hakufu and co.'s team.