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Mostly the same, he is still a well-meaning young man who is attracted to his cousin (though the sexuality of it is toned down) but has yet to demonstrate his considerable power and serves even more so for comic relief than in the manga. He is the only character whose after-episode biography in the first season poked fun at him, saying that after he got lost in a forest Hakufu nicknamed him "The Lost Koukin-chan". As a child he was called "Crybaby Koukin" by other children, because he always cried when others bullied him. Hakufu was usually there to protect him from bullies. Koukin was unable to stop Hakufu's dragon when she fought Ukitsu; instead he got pummeled half to death in the attempt only to have Hakufu stop her dragon on her own. After hearing of Hakufu's demise, he blames Koumei for manipulating the events that led to Hakufu's fight with Sousou. However, Kanu proved to him that it was Hakufu's choice to challenge Sousou, and her fight with Kanu was one out of respect as toushi and not out of hatred. This leads to Nanyo and Seito forming an alliance to face Kyosho. He is now considered to be one of the Four Devas of Nanyo, taking Kannei's place. He returns to being a student after the Battle of Chibi. Koukin has been shown attempting to teach Owen the basics of martial arts.