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The initial difference is that the timing of her first dragon possession is different. The first time she is overwhelmed by her dragon in the manga was three years before the start of the manga. In the anime, it happens during the second series. When Kanu was forced to surrender to Sousou, her determination to rescue Kanu has her slowly gaining control of her dragon's powers. She realised that her school had to go into battle with Nanyo and Kyosho in order to finally end the conflict. Although she was targeted by many toushi in the battle, she was capable of protecting herself. Kanu's return gave Ryuubi more encouragement. She was almost strangled to death by Sousou but was saved by the returning Hakufu. Also, in the anime, Ryuubi's first encounter with Hakufu much earlier than it did in the manga (where they had yet to meet) and both Ryubi and Hakufu teamed up to destroy Sousou and win the battle for Seito and Nanyo. She is now back to her normal book-reading self. Not to mention in one episode she acts as though she will kiss Kanu but instead runs away from her. Ryuubi meet to LeShawna and Harold. She taught Lindsay for training Kung Fu. Ryuubi Gentoku will be returning as a contestant for Total Drama: Revenge in Ikkitousen. She like to The Wide-Eyed Bubble-Boy named Cameron.

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