93266-kakouen myousai 2

It is revealed that Sousou found her years ago in the war zone in a jungle somewhere presumably in South East Asia. Myosai was dressed in army fatigues suggesting she was a rebel or revolutionary of some sort. She was nearly raped by a soldier (she isn't wearing pants and her underwear has been pulled down). The soldier is shown with a bullet wound in his back. Either Myousai killed him herself or Sousou did to save her (he is not shown holding any weapons but Myousai is holding a gun). Sousou is dressed as a tourist and it is presumed that he took her back to Japan with him. As she was about to finish Kakouton, she was interrupted by Hakufu. In the end, Myosai was defeated by Kakouton. She again fights with Kakouton and Koukin, only to be interrupted by Sou Sou's return. She returns to Kyosho with Kakouton and Sou Sou. She meeting to Heather.