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Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady the Fifth, the Dweeb is modeled after Napoleon Dynamite. An eternal underdog, Harold is a nerd and proud of it. He's amassed a broad and diverse set of skills learned at several different thematic summer camps throughout his life. Most such skills are extremely dorky and, coupled with his odd personality and appearance, earn him ridicule from his peers. They are, however, surprisingly useful and have won Harold several challenges, often shocking an incredulous audience. it was revealed he had developed a crush on teammate LeShawna. Harold & LeShawna winds up going to Seito to meet Ryubi and Bachou.

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Relationships With Friendships With Conflicts With
Leshawna Beth Chris
Bridgette Courtney
DJ Duncan
Owen Heather
Ryuubi Gentoku Saji Genpou
Kan'u Unchou Soujin Shikou
Sonsaku Hakufu Sousou Moutoku