Contestant summary Edit

This is a basic, brief summary of each contestant's participation in the series so far, with their status in each season included.

Alejandro 15px 15px Template:Y Template:?
Anne Maria 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Beth Template:Y Template:Y Template:N Template:?
Blaineley 15px 15px 15px Template:?
Brick 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Bridgette Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Cameron 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Cody Template:Y Template:N Template:Y Template:?
Courtney Template:Y 15px Template:Y Template:?
Dakota 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
DJ Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Duncan Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Eva Template:Y Template:N Template:N Template:?
Ezekiel Template:Y Template:N Template:Y Template:?
Geoff Template:Y Template:Y Template:N Template:?
Gwen Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Harold Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Heather Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Izzy Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Jo 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Justin Template:Y Template:Y Template:N Template:?
Katie Template:Y Template:N Template:N Template:?
LeShawna Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Lightining 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Lindsay Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Mary 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Mike 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Molly 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Noah Template:Y Template:N Template:Y Template:?
Owen Template:Y Template:Y Template:Y Template:?
Sadie Template:Y Template:N Template:N Template:?
Sam 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Scott 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Sierra 15px 15px Template:Y Template:?
Staci 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
Trent Template:Y Template:Y Template:N Template:?
Tyler Template:Y Template:N Template:Y Template:?
Zoey 15px 15px 15px Template:Y
  • KEY
    15px = This contestant appeared later in the series and wasn't featured in that current season.
    Template:Y = This contestant participated in this season
    Template:N = This contestant did not participate in the season.
    15px = This contestant originally wasn't going to participate in the season, but made a debut for other reasons.