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Cameron made his first appearance in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!. He is seen on a yacht, astounded by being outside for once, but is knocked off the railing to a lower part of the boat by a flock of birds. He is launched off the yacht when Chris blows it up and lands on a rock, wondering if that is what pain tastes like.

At the beginning of Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Cameron is still upset and in shock over Zoey's elimination. Lightning continues to tease him over the seemingly inevitable outcome of the challenge, pushing him to the ground and saying that he'll crush him "like a grape." Cameron continues to express fear over the possibility of him being severely injured by Lightning before the season is over. When Chris allows the final two to video chat with their relatives at home, Cameron goes first and gets to speak to his mother. She tells him that they have been running out of oxygen to pump into his bubble, and that he must win the money so that they can keep it inflated, which gives Cameron even more determination to win. When Lightning panics over his father betting his four championship rings on Lightning's win, and asks if he's joking, Cameron said "he seemed pretty sincere to me," which prompted Lightning to attack him out of anger. When the finalists arrived at the "Chrisiseum," Cameron found himself being cheered on by every single one of the previously-eliminated contestants, except for Jo. When Cameron saw Scott, he worriedly asked what had happened to him, to which Chris explained the reason for his paralysis. Cameron wondered what Scott "said" when a single beep and a flash from the red light on his machine, but no one else cared. Although Cameron initially had trouble removing certain pieces from the pile, he found a computer and came up with designs for a special suit on it, eventually creating a high-tech, full-body mechanical suit equipped with multiple functions such as blasts of fire from the hands and soles of the feet. Although Cameron constantly gained and lost the upper hand throughout the duel, the entire group of eliminated contestants cheered him on the entire way. When Chris released the various mutated monsters into the stadium, Cameron was always quick to fight off the monsters first, even saving Lightning to get rid of the giant, tentacled alligator. When the entire group of animals was released at once and the entire stadium was plunged into chaos, Cameron found himself switching between battling Lightning and saving his friends from the monsters. Eventually, he resorted to one final attack from his suit to defeat Lightning. Cameron celebrating his victory with his friends. He emitted an electromagnetic pulse that turned Lightning into a magnet, attracting a dozen barrels of toxic waste to his body and drawing a bolt of lightning to him, turning his hair white and knocking him out. Immediately afterward, Cameron was unable to hold up his shut-down suit any longer, and he fell on top of Lightning. After three seconds of keeping Lightning down, Cameron was declared the winner, to which everyone cheered. When Chris gave him the money, Cameron thanked him and decided that he didn't need the money for his bubble anymore, since surviving the season proved that he didn't need such protection anymore for the rest of his life. Thus, he decided to reward the entire cast for helping him make it this far, and announced that he would split the million dollars with everyone else, later laughed at Chris in the end.

The new season Total Drama: Revenge in Ikkitousen, Cameron meetings Harold, LeShawna, Ryuubi Gentoku and his companies that to be participating with Team Gold Dragon (Seito High School). Cameron like Ryuubi Gentoku.